What is

Sickle Cell Anemia ?

Blood Drive

Did you know that those who live with sickle cell anemia, also called sickle cell anemia and which mainly affects the black community, can receive up to 130 blood units annually?

26,000 blood donations are needed each year to meet the transfusion needs of the Quebec population suffering from this distressing genetic disease.

The Sickle Cell Anemia Association of Quebec and Héma-Québec strongly encourage members of black communities to donate blood to help their fellow human beings suffering from sickle cell anemia. Why ?

The more regularly a person receives transfusions, the closer the genetic profile of the donor must be to that of the recipient to reduce possible reactions to transfusions.

“Donating blood saved my life,” says Teddy Homer, a recipient with sickle cell anemia. That’s why I’m here today. It takes a lot of blood. It takes donors from black communities for black recipients. Donating blood is very important. “

Give blood, give life!

Save lives. Make an appointment today and donate blood: https://www.hema-quebec.qc.ca/trois-facons-simples.fr.html