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Your donations allow the realization of several projects that will improve the quality of life such as a family respite center to break the isolation, the donation of advanced equipment for specialized care, a scholarship program, and the establishment of funds for clinical research.

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Family respite center

We aim to create a respite center allowing children who suffer from this disease as well as their families to benefit from a respite in order to catch a little breath. The opening of a family respite center will have the effect of breaking down isolation, alleviating the burden as well as the stress and exhaustion of families.

This day center will be a refuge for exhausted mothers and distraught fathers, as well as their children who experience the full range of health effects of sickle cell disease. The Family Respite Center will offer leisure activities and adapted accommodation services

Sickle cell disease patients and their families face a host of complex psychosocial factors. Therefore, services to parents and children will be provided by qualified professionals.

The beneficiaries of the Center
Natural caregivers 2 days a week and 1 weekend a month; Sick children occur every other weekend over a 12-month period.

The centre's activities
The center will be set up to offer the following services: a drop-in daycare for children, an after-school respite program, a summer respite day camp, a massage therapy program for children and other initiatives to help children with stress management during vaso-occlusive crises, as well as group and support workshops for young adults and their parents; Maintenance strategies for the continuity of services: Acquire specialized equipment for the treatment of sick children; Offer scholarships to initiate research projects.

Massage therapy & psychotherapy program

The Sickle Cell Disease Association of Quebec is launching a new appeal to its generous donors to continue and extend its new complementary massage therapy program for children, as well as a psychotherapy service for certain mothers in order to reduce stress. anguish and exhaustion caused by illness. The names of the services: “Cafés for caregivers and those assisted” and the “Respit Plein-Air” family respite camp.

Benefits of massage therapy on patients with sickle cell anemia:
1) in a study made on 5 patients with anemia during vo-oclusic seizures, the intensity of pain and muscle tension drop by 70% and daily activity increases by 50% following massage therapy. Opioid use in these same patients is also declining. Ref .: Non-pharmacologic mangement of sickle cell pain (. Brown Bodhies)

2) Another study carried out on 34 children and adolescents with sickle cell disease notes that patients who received massage therapy services suffered less anxiety, a decrease in the number of depression and pain than the group that did not receive this treatment. complementary approach in massage therapy. Ref .: M. Dejoie, Z. Brandon, S, Simpkins, SK Ballas. Hematology 2004,9 (30: 235-7.

3) Finally, in the 2006-2010 pain improvement plan produced by the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity published on March 3, 2006, one of the four areas of intervention established read as follows: “A better use of medical treatments and non-pharmaceutical methods ”.


This medical database of patients with sickle cell anemia would make it possible to document trends in morbidity, mortality (hospitalization, treatment and follow-up, medication, transfusion, etc.) and to create data accounting in order to promote research. It is an entity in which it would be possible to compile data in a structured, prospective manner and with the least possible redundancy. This project aims to ensure the traceability of the data, the results of the analyzes of different services and the update with security.

This medical database project will meet our mission to improve the health and quality of life of sick children. It will increase the efficiency of file management, facilitate the organization of treatment and follow-up for pediatric and adult patients.

Scholarship fund

Training and career scholarship fund aimed at encouraging and supporting the development of equitable clinical studies in order to offer treatments for patients suffering from this ignored human scourge, sickle cell anemia.

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