Disinfection: an effective shield against COVID-19

Toys at home

As children are now home most of the day, Health Canada recommends to use a cleaner or a mix of bleach diluted with water to wipe surfaces that children use frequently. Washing toys and cleaning surfaces that children often is a good way to reduce the transmission of all sorts of infections. As Public Health as reminded us: ”Ensure that the disinfectant is safe and suitable for use on toys. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for dilution and contact times for these disinfectants.”

Health Canada is not saying that these products will kill viruses like COVID-19. Using cleaning products can play a key role in limiting the transfer of germs on surfaces such as:

  • toys
  • toilets
  • telephones
  • electronics
  • door knobs
  • night tables
  • remote controls

What will really make a difference for you at home? Wipe and clean every day. Have a routine, post it, take turns, make a game out it.

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Stay safe and follow public health guidelines.
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