Massage therapy and pyschotherapy programs

Once again we call upon the generous supporters of the Sickle Cell Anemia Association of Quebec to help out with the new massage and psychotherapy programs. The goal of the new program is to provide massage therapy to the children and psychotherapy for parents who undergo great stress, anxiety and burnout. It is our hope that this initiative will help alleviate some of the impact sickle cell disease has on the family. Other activies for the families will include “Families and Caregivers Café” and “Respite Summer camp.”

Massage therapy benefits for sickle cell patients:

1) A study on 5 patients revealed that following massage therapy pain intensity and muscular tension was reduced by 70% and return to daily activities increased by 50%. Opioid drug use also decreased for those patients. Ref: Non-pharmacologic management of sickle cell pain. (Bodhies et al. 2004)

2) Another study on 34 children and adolescents with sickle cell showed lower levels of depression, anxiety and pain than the control group that did not receive complementary massage therapy. Ref: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Massage Therapy in Children with Sickle Cell Disease (Kathleen L. Lemanek et al. 2009)

3) In a document on improving pain management, Xavier Bertrand writes on behalf of the French government: ‘’Better pain management lies on 4 principles….A better utilisation of medical treatments and non pharmaceutical methods.’’

Réf: Plan d’amélioration de la prise en charge de la douleur 2006-2010.

(Government Plans on improving pain management practices)


The generosity of the partners plays a key role in the development and growth of the Sickle Cell Anemia Association of Quebec. Their support is invaluable. We thank them from the heart.