Family respite and drop-in centre

Our goal is to create a respite-care centre for children with sickle cell and their families. Our purpose is to provide relief. Opening a respite care centre will reduce social isolation and also alleviate the burden and stress families experience.

This day centre will provide a place for exhausted mothers and distraught fathers and for their children who experience the whole range of effects that sickle-cell disease has on health and quality of life. The family respite centre will offer leisure activities and accommodations tailored to the families’ needs.

Sickle cell patients and their families must face a host of complex psychosocial factors. This is why services to parents and children will be offered by qualified professionals.

Respite Centre Beneficiaries

Caregivers: a maximum of 2 days per week and 1 weekend per month;
Children with sickle cell: 1 weekend every 2 weeks in a calendar year

Respite Centre Activities

The centre will be created to offer the following services: a children’s drop-in centre, an after school respite program, a day camp and summer respite for families, a massage therapy program, and other stress relief initiatives to aid children during sickle cell crisis, as well as workshops and support groups for young adults and their parents.

Strategies for maintaining continuity of services: 
Acquire new equipment and improve treatment options for patients
Offer scholarships to initiate research and studies
Maintain current services and enhance programs offered to children and their families.


The generosity of the partners plays a key role in the development and growth of the Sickle Cell Anemia Association of Quebec. Their support is invaluable. We thank them from the heart.